Partridge Township

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Country road fork with homes in Partridge Township, illustrating choices and community living.


Planning to build, remodel or change the use of your property in Partridge Township?

Start here to ensure you obtain the proper permits and your intended changes meet the requirements laid forth.


Contact Us

Partridge Township
PO Box 67
Askov, MN 55704-0067

Clerk: (320) 630-0669

8am – 5pm
on standard business days

Comprehesive Plan of Partridge Township
Adopted June 7, 2007

Partridge Township Nuisance Ordinance
Recorded August 2, 2023

Partridge Township Zoning Ordinance
Approved April 3, 2024

Partridge Township Zoning Ordinance
Recorded March 22, 2021

Partridge Township Zoning Ordinance
Recorded June 30, 2014

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